About Us


We are Olentia,  a small, independent family run business based in  Swindon. We provide refreshing blasts of fragrance in the form of wax melts that can be purchased via this store, or if you're in the area, from our very own chandler.

Originally, we started up as a business to try and minimize the financial burden a child can have on a family and Olentia was the perfect stepping stone in making sure our next generation of wax-a-holics could enjoy their younger years to the max. However, after soon realizing just how popular our melts were, we expanded to our online store, a Facebook group as well as selling door-to-door in our area.

What makes Olentia special is the brilliant attention to detail that comes with every product. From ensuring the right amount of fragrance is put into every melt right up to making sure the glitter is sparkly enough for your melts; we've got you covered. Every single melt is made in the comfort of our family home where many memories of laughter and love have been shared. It is this warm environment that allows us to do what we love; leaving a refreshing mark on each and every customer of ours. 

Thank you for choosing Olentia