Watermelon daiquiri scent bag

Watermelon daiquiri scent bag

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 These lovely little bags of scented beads give you the perfect amount of scent to fill any small space, we've tested them in hallways, cars and even clothes draws!
simply remove from plastic packaging and hang or place wherever you like and enjoy the fragrance.

Because this is our first time of testing and selling this type of product were offering a special introductory price! 

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  • Never leave burners unattended.
  • Burners get very hot and remain hot for a length of time after usage.
  • Trim the wick of your tea-light before placing in your burner. (Some products sold here may have their wicked already trimmed).
  • Keep burners away from flammable objects.
  • Keep burners, melts and other wax related products out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not consume any burner, melt or other wax related product
  • Never add water to your burner, wax or wax related product.
  • Only use non-scented tea-lights in burners.
  • Never leave a burner on for a period of more than four hours.

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If you are ever unsure, please contact us for clarification. 

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