Eddie's Wish Tub
Eddie's Wish Tub
Eddie's Wish Tub

Eddie's Wish Tub

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This is Eddie’s Wish, our way to remember a special boy who, in his short but wonderful life, touched the hearts of all those around him.

Entering the world naturally following a healthy pregnancy, Eddie was born on the 9th of February, 2017. This beautiful boy inspired every ounce of happiness that could be imagined but unfortunately he grew his wings only three weeks after his birth. This is his story

Following birthday celebrations for Eddie’s dad, on their way home Eddie had breathing complications. With the help of a stranger, Eddie’s parents attempted to help their little boy until paramedics arrived. Their bravery and strength surrounded Eddie, in his final moments, with all the love in the world. He peacefully passed away in the hospital with his parents by his side.

All throughout our lives we both learn and are taught how to handle different emotions, however grief is something that cannot be taught and something that cannot be learnt. However, the strength and unity that surrounded Eddie from his family has been inspiring. This, as well as the fantastic work they do, is why Olentia  will make a donation of £2 per every sale of this product to the Lullaby Trust, a foundation that raises awareness of unexpected deaths in infancy.

With his memory living forever in our hearts and in the hearts of those who knew him, we hope he’s flying high and looking over his younger brother, Dennis.

Thank you to all who have read Eddie’s Story and thank you to those who help support this brilliant charity.   

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